Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Scott Adams: Glucose = Freewill

Scott Adams interesting take on Glucose, Freewill, and Dating... and why chocolate is bad for spitting game. Check it out here

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Can I have ur Number? Can I have it? Can I? Can I?

This has to be the funniest thing I've seen all week from MADTV.

and then

The good? Fearless and straightforward
The bad? Everything else
The awesome? I've seen this work a thousand times over growing up though... although not as obnoxious =)

"Damn girl.. that's a beautiful ass face you got.. you use that Neutrogena? That Neutrogena?"

Challenge: Try this Epic Joke on a few people in the field.

Employee Inspiration

These two guys should give us our employee town hall talks... LOL
Always be closing... Coffee is for closers.... LOL

From Boileroom

From Glengarry Glen Ross

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So apparently there is a website for ladies to sell the jewelry that their ex-boyfriends got them..... the obvious thing to do would be to set up a Loose Stone Engagement Ring re-circulator.... Thanks to Cassidy PD for the find LOL

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

BUSH DODGE! Animated Gifs

I saw this set of hilarious animated gif's on that people are cranking out of the Epic Bush Shoe Dodge... I like the World of Warcraft one =)


Dog theme day:
So I saw this Poodle Disguise for Attack Dogs... poor dog.... I can see the embarrassment on his face.... LOL (Like this is really going to fool anyone... more like.... you'll look and be like WTF is that!) =)

On a more interesting note... this article on is pretty funny and thought I can totally visualize this. Check it out here....

That aforementioned stubborn streak and confidence was part of the breed standard for a good reason. On top of being a companion for emperors in Imperial China, the Pekingese served as personal guard dogs. The smallest, most ferocious ones were actually called "sleeves" because they could be carried inside large-sleeved garments to be unleashed for short-range attacks. Imagine it as a hairy canister of mace that didn't stop chewing on the eyes until commanded to do so.

Yes that says short ranged ATTACKS!!! lol.. I know its probably full of crap but it's still damn funny....

President Bush's catlike agility

Check out President Bush's catlike agility as he dodges a potentially lethal Iraqi journalists dual shoe attack... well played Mr. Bush.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Taleb less angry

Nassim Taleb with Charlie Rose interviews Nassim Taleb, author of the Black Swan at the 'Financial Ninja' blog. A less angry yet salient conversation about financial reality today. Interesting point... commerce and business are so optimized now... that a cancelled Christmas shipment results in a factory in China shutting down the next day... hyperbole maybe? but the world is indeed complex now... the problem with optimization... is that you usually do not have alot of redundancy built into the system... this makes me think of Lean Manufacturing... or even hyper pipelined computer architecture.... you have this highly efficient chain of dependencies that allow you to optimize your outputs... the problem being though... that if one link in the chain fails... you have to clear the 'pipeline' and take a massive penalty... so it seems that in some cases... on one end of the spectrum you have efficiency... on the other hand redundancy... but with efficiency comes fragility... and with redundancy comes resilience....

My neighborhood is a FEMA disaster area!

My friend Tim D pointed this sign out to me... apparently my neighborhood has been declared a FEMA disaster area... LOL... that sign is about 4 blocks from my crib.



From the article
Christopher Miller, chief executive of London hedge fund ratings agency Allenbridge Hedgeinfo, said: "Some very big investor names are involved in this. The scheme could only work if enough investors were subscribing for him to pay money out. Some of the world's biggest hedge funds have been hit by this. There will be a monumental impact for the hedge fund industry, it could be larger then Enron.

"Some investors in Madoff's funds face 100% write-downs on the money they invested, they will suddenly be nursing full write-downs in December. When people realize the magnitude of this it will be fizzing around the stratosphere."

Considering the size of hedge funds is in the Trillions... a 100% write down for some big investors... could mean epic fail for the rest of us maybe? Who knows....


$14 billion auto bailout dies in Senate after talks collapse over union wage cuts

NUFF said....

Friday, December 12, 2008

Ninja Squirrels... no really

Squirrel busts out mad crazy flying attacks!

Squirrel busts out 'play dead strategy'

So apparently squirrels are down with Chuck Norris... Check out these high resolution pictures of ultimate Squirrel Combat at the Sun

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


LOL... so I totally remember these commercials from back in the day... Apparently this is why Asian people only have two ages... 16.. and 120... you'll notice that Asian people pretty much look youthful until they turn about 60.... then they look about 1 Million years old

Here is an infographic I made on how Asian people age.....

World of ObamaCraft

I saw a posting on linking to this article.

So apparently one of Obama's new cabinet members is a World of Warcraft player... Level 70 Shamen.... hopefully this dude.. who goes by.. Supernovan Jenkins... won't go all LEEEEROOYYY JENKINS on America....

Excerpt from Wikipedia entry for Leeroy Jenkins
It features a group of players discussing a detailed battle strategy while one of their number, Leeroy, is away from his computer. Their plan is ruined when Leeroy returns and, ignorant of the strategy, immediately charges headlong into battle shouting his own name as a battle cry. His companions rush to stop him, and his subsequent actions ruin the meticulous plan and the encounter ends in failure for the group. His response to the other players' reactions, "at least I have chicken", was also much parodied.

LOLRUS - Unleashed

Well not quite the original LOLRUS of internet fame.. But this one is almost better.... it can totally play musical instruments, well not really =)

I saw this this morning on BOINGBOING.NET

Happy Monday..

Friday, December 5, 2008


Lube Moistricants!!!! lol.. i kept seeing this damn commercial on Best Evar....

Strength, Fighting Ability, and your FACE

So I came across this spiffy Evolutionary Psychology paper entitled "Human adaptations for the visual assessment of
strength and fighting ability from the body and face". The second I saw the title it sounded like something straight out of a video game... yet.. intuitive... check it out... HERE. This makes me think of Festivus for some reason.... FEATS OF STRENGTH!

Hierarchical linear modelling
shows that subjects were extracting cues of strength that were largely independent of height, weight and
age, and that corresponded most strongly to objective measures of upper-body strength—even when the
face was all that was available for inspection.

Sweet looking REAL GUITAR game

Apparently there is a REAL GUITAR game hero thing coming out... check the VIDEO out here.. I first saw this on Gizmodo. Here is the actual manufacturer's website... the video looks pretty damn sweet to me... I hope they don't make this suck....
I'm soooo getting this if it doesn't suck..


So apparently the street that I currently live off of.... may be renamed... BARAK OBAMA BLVD..... lol... wierd...
Check out the details HERE

Thanks to Tim G for this find!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

HE GOT GAME - "Pretty Girls are like cars that need a lot of oil"

I saw this article linked off of today.. and almost fell out of my chair... this kid is what they call a "natural"... his ability to cut through the social programming with such speed and accuracy is impressive... HE GOT GAME... LOL... He is quoted as saying "Pretty Girls are like cars that need a lot of oil".... simply priceless....
Check the NYPOST story HERE!!

Step Into Teh Cipher

The guys at have done it again with the PERSONAL SOUND TRACK SHIRT You can use the preloaded sounds.. or even load up your own MP3's.. via SD card.... now you too can step into the cipher... great for those freestyle rhymes you need to bust out when your Rap Battling (and need a break beat)... or when you are trying to rub in the fact that you totally own3d your office mates in something.. you can bust out the ROYAL ENTRANCE riff.... the possibilities are endless.....

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So perhaps the above might be a possible scenario to come?

Speaking of Hedge Fund De-Leveraging...check this article I found on Seeking Alpha

Banks are continuing to ask for more collateral to back past hedge fund lending, causing more funds to liquidate their positions (see WSJ article). When added with investor redemption, bank-induced liquidation is forcing hedge funds to step-up their deleveraging.

Such selling is continuing to put pressure on the market, generating more requests for bank collateral and investor redemption, in what amounts to a catch-22 that continues to spiral the market downward. Such selling has been occurring for a while, as funds have been unwinding exposure to financial and energy stocks, both of which continue to suffer as crude oil continues to drop, and the credit crisis continues to unfold.


So I was wondering if anyone had done this... and as most things on the internet... the answer is a 'hell yeah!' Check this out at SeiousEats.Com These guys know what the dealio is. =)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rock Fujiyama

Check out this totally awesome Japanese Rock Show... I wish we had something like this over here... but if we did.. I think they would totally screw up the feel... I like how Marty Friedman from Megadeth speaks Japanese...

Jake Shimabukuro on Rock Fujiyama

Slayer's Kerry King

Dragon Force VS Marty Friedman and Rolly (No Subtitles)

Airport Saga IV: Merger Mayhem

Step 1. Get overbooked for flight in city 1.
Step 2. Take taxi with old cranky cussing dude.
Step 2.5 Taxi stops for bathroom break at Burger King.
Step 2.75 Burger King is closed so cabby pulls up next to highway and decides to relieve himself next to the cab.
Step 3. Slow cabby
Step 4. Arrive at city 2 late.. Thanks cranky pee on road cabby dude...
Step 5. Wait for noon flight to memphis.
Step 6. Watch bow hunting of deer on tv at the airport and thinking 'That's pretty sweet.' vs using ak47. Even better if the dudes went all hand to hand combat
Step 7. Hoping his standby flight doesn't kick me in the face.
Step 8. Apparently to add insult to injury... The agents in NC booked me to fly into STL from Nashville.. Only problem.. They flew me to Memphis... FAIL..
Step 9. Holy balls... I just saw a 6'4 elf with bells in full elf garb walk by gate b1 at the airport.
Step 10. Appaerently they are oversold and they said the plane will not take off until one of us 'VOLUNTEERS' to take the flight tomorrow morning.. lol\
Step 11. Meet hilarious people on p lane
Step 12. Get Home

Finale: Your princess is in another castle... FAIL (Wah Wah Wah....)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Old But Good

for those of you unfamiliar with Charlie the Unicorn... enjoy


Thanks to David P. for hooking me up with this totally sweet video of Bruce Lee playing ping pong with nunchucks and spin kicks.... OMFG ROFL AWESOME!
EPIC VIDEO EDITING NOKIA! =) I believe this is a commercial... but still sweet!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Taleb gets Angry HAHA

SUPER ROFL! The ending statements in the following videoon Hedge Funds crack me up.. lol what happens if the dudes borrowing money can't pay back the guys who lent them money.. then what happens if those dudes who len't the original guys money can't pay back the other dudes they owe money to? OH NOES! sounds a little too similar today...

Grocery Store EPIC

So I was walking around the grocery store last night and this thought just popped into my head... you know when you say.. go to the grocery store to pick up toilet paper... and your walking down the aisles with this giant package of soft paper goodness?... its just funny because I wonder if the first thought that pops into other people's heads when they see this particular juxtaposition of person and giant bundle of toilet paper is ... "I SOOO TOTALLY KNOW WHAT YOUR GOING TO DO WITH THAT!" I mean probably not... but this kind of lines up with other hilarious items that you buy... such as the time I was in Chicago with my friends... and apparently someone rendered my friend Kyle's restroom... under construction... well considering I was sleeping on his coffee table and there were about 6 people in his apartment... we brave souls... did the appropriate thing... we woke up.... and waited outside Walgreens at like 7 am (this was not a 24-7 Walgreens)... then when those pearly gates finally opened we ran into to find the weapon of choice... your garden variety plunger... and in retrospect... this feeling of... LOL 'I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE USING THAT FOR' definitely came into play... I mean you have a bunch of people rushing into Walgreens on a Sunday morning in downtown chicago at 7am.... only to ring up a solitary item.... so next time you buy something hilarious.. think of this and laugh to yourself... i think the clerks must see truly interesting combinations of purchase items... that would make you die laughing...... =p

Saturday, November 22, 2008


So my friend Tim G. sent this to me and it totally made my day! Apparently This dude can sculpt art that fits in the eye of a needle... using hand tools... Check it out... it is truly epic indeed....

Happy Friday

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So I was eating dinner at PF Changs with my peeps, when I looked up and saw this epic sight... LOL This is what they mean by Synergy... LOL... a diamond engagement ring shop with a bridal store upstairs... LOL

My friend Eugene thinks there should be a Divorce Attorney on the 3rd floor. ROFL

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

FAIL - New T-Shirt Design

New FAIL T-Shirt at my store

Ok so this is only going to be mildly amusing to 0.01% of you but I thought I'd share... epic fail to mean-variance analysis...

Speaking of epic fail... i dug this up circa 1997... it is from They were reflecting on the 1987 EPIC fail.... and waxing poetic on why it happened... I almost LOL'd when I read the opening text... it goes a little something like this....

The concept of portfolio insurance, indeed the name itself, reflects the ardent wishes of its creators for a utopian investment vehicle capable of minimizing the pain of investment loss. The idea was simple, all one would have to do was pay something akin to an insurance “premium,” and investment downside could be forever limited. Unfortunately, as so often occurs in the realm of human affairs, reality served an unwilling partner.

This sounds suspiciously like 'credit default swap' derivatives... the kind that helped cause the epic fails we have seen lately... Check out the actual article from 1997... here

On a similar thought... I was reading this paper by Fischer Black (of Black Scholes Merton fame...) entitled 'How to use the holes in Black Scholes'. It is worth checking out if you are interested in this business... he goes over 10 of the unrealistic assumptions which the model is based on. What is interesting is that even when you increase the precision of these unrealistic assumptions... the model only marginally improves... The other interesting thing he talks about is that 'portfolio insurance' is also fragile to these assumptions. Specifically... he says..."The same unrealistic assumptions that led to the Black-Scholes formula are behind some versions of 'portfolio insurance.'"He defines portfolio insurance as any strategy where you sell as the price drops and buy as the price rises... this is markedly different from the value approach or... buy low sell high. What is interesting though is his statement that "... Because of mean reversion, the market rise during 1987 caused a sharper-than-usual fall in expected return. But investors didn't see this at first. They continued to buy, as their portfolio insurance strategies suggested. Eventually, though, they came to understand the effects of portolio insurance on mean reversion, partly by observing the large orders that price changes brought into the market. Around October 19, the full truth of what was happening hit investors. They saw that at existing levels of the market, the expected return was much lower than they had assumed. They sold at those levels. The market fell, and expected return rose, until equilibrium was restored." One wonders if a similar pattern will emerge in another 10 years... we seem to be on a steady crash cycle of 10 years... 1987, 1997 (Long Term Capital Management), 2008.... I believe that heavy chain dependancies based on modeling had some part to play in all of these events... I guess this just teaches us that our highly developed GUT instinct isn't so obsolete after all... I think that if you see something that looks funny... it won't hurt that much to poke it a bit...

Found this paper on the origins of Portolio Hedging from the CALTECH website
The paper is entitled The Evolution of Portfolio Insurance by Leland and Rubinstein
Caltech Course page.
Here is the link to the actual pdf

100 kW Solid State Lasers Like Whoa!

Apparently Northrup Grummen is ready to bring their 100 kW solid state laser to market. The current ones in use are mainly COIL style chemical lasers. Check it out here I can't wait to see someone buy one of these and power it a solar panel... Being GREEN indeed.... LOL
I originally saw this a few days ago on

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Interesting Concept




Check this out, so I got back in touch with an old friend, Stephanie Liner and I was checking out her art portolio. I came across these interesting bits =) My favorite is the kid looking into the back of the girls skirt LOL. Check her portofolio out here

Saturday, November 15, 2008


$700 Billion Bailout SHOCKER PORTRAIT
It really is from the website.....LOL LOL someone is either an awesome trickster... or those people are just awesome... LOL

originally seen on

Here is the actual press release... LOL

My friend Jamie S sent me this info... which explains this a bit.. but makes it even more awesome because thats even more devious/hilarious mischief... The dealio on the 'pitch fork'

While the “Hook ‘em Horns” hand signal is a part of University of Texas lore, ASU has its own version: the “Pitchfork.” The pitchfork is formed by extending the pointer, middle and pinky and pinning the ring finger with the thumb mimicking the pitchfork of ASU’s mascot, Sparky. While the origin of the hand symbol is murky, it has become a universal symbol for Sun Devil fans

Even given this it tidbit of information... I still like the idea of GW throwing up the shocker.... I expect nothing less from the hilariously mischievous school we call ASU, For example, their Student Body Vice president had a pr0n scandal...


Damn Hobbits! So one of our tech fellows came by my desk today and told me about this new planet they found... well my first reaction was... omg... SAURON... what do you think? here is the NASA Picture of the DAY

Friday, November 14, 2008

Mortal Kombat + The Mack + The Mac = Baraka Wins... ULTIMATE PRODUCT PLACEMENT



So apparently Mr. Obama uses a Mac... this picture just cracks me up... can we say GRAND ULTIMATE PRODUCT PLACEMENT for the guys over at apple? The 411 can be found here at Enjoy.

Obama may choose DANZIG!

See now I know Obama totally rocks... he apparently is leaning towards Richard Danzig for Secretary of Defense... that is close enough to DANZIG for me =) Rock on....
(I originally saw this on this morning.)

Thursday, November 13, 2008


So I was at my friends' wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico this past weekend... and we saw this creepy gem... during the wedding this random dude in a speedo armed with a camcorder snuck up to the alter and started filming, we finally got rid of him... but this shot pretty much sums it up.... the next step is to go through flickr wedding albums from Cancun to see if this dude shows up in other wedding photos.... I mean seriously.... If you have seen this guy before... or he snuck up like a ninja at your beach wedding leave a comment.... =)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ultimate C-Block

Watch this video... the pure comedy gold comes at the END of the video......
Brian Williams throws down a massive C-Combo breaker....
Just watch the girl on the left's reaction....
Hate the game not the player.... LOL
Thanks to David P for this find

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I originally saw the basic picture for this in an email from my friend Brett.. then later my friend Cassidy sent me a link to this Captioned version....

Big ups to the original artist, and big ups to the guy/girl who made me laugh even harder with the Killer Instinct reference...



In the rough and tumble world of elections... an epic battle has emerged that would tip the fate of mankind.... and perhaps.. the Universe.....


Thanks to David P for sending the original link.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

VIX vs S&P 500 & LTCM

They don't call the VIX the fear factor for nothing =)
This graphic is from

Notice the symmetry... so one might dare guess that when the VIX is nice (read: low relatively speaking) and quiet... that it may be the calm before the storm, something is about to blow up.... a theoretically good strategy may be to put all your $$$ into Treasury Bills.... then when the VIX spikes in another 10 years because of some massive kick in the face.. take your super low risk loot and buy the hell out of some solid companies.. Warren Buffet style (buying solid stuff at a deep discount.)

For recent kicks in the face, think... the 1987 crash, the Dot Com Crisis, and then later the almost catastrophic LTCM fiasco.

Rough Summary of the wiki link.

LTCM was basically a hedge fund that had a position of $1.25 TRILLION (notional value) in derivatives... Board of Director members include Myron Scholes and Robert Merton... of Black-Scholes-Merton option pricing Nobel Prize fame. It got totally pwn3d when Russia decided to say F@#$ YOU to everyone and default on their Government Bonds (this was circa 1998)...... LTCM was particularly exposed to this type of event. Since the % gained from its technique was relatively low.. they required massive leverage near the range of 25 to 30 to 1. These events resulted in LTCM losing $4.6 Billion in less than four months...

BTW the LTCM crisis may look familiar because it appears that it set a precedent for bailing out financial institutions... The Federal Reserve Bank of New York organized a $3.625 billion bailout (by other institutions) to avoid a wider collapse... some think that this opened Pandora's box for future dependancy on the idea that the Federal Reserve would have your BACK when you got punched in the face...

For more about 'When Genius Failed'.. check this out.

I love the internet part 3 or... Japanese Zoo Escaped Rhino Drill

I saw this on and this confirms my long held suspicion that the interwebs is totally awesome.... check it
Apparently this is a drill the zoo has to practice crazy ass situations.. I seem to remember something like this with a guy in a Gorilla suit as well....

EVEN MORE LOLZ - OBAMA and Palin Team up!

Thanks Cassidy for finding this... the peeps at PS3 are covering this hillarity... on Mercenaries 2... check it out

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

DOOM Team wins Lunar Lander Contest

My buddy David P sent me this one. Apparently John Carmack of Doom fame and his team of minions won the First Stage of the Lunar Landar contest. Check it here.... I still think he got help from aliens....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The HILLS Large Hadron Collider and Keifer Sutherland doing Japanese Commercials

The Girls from the HILLS talk about the Large Hadron Collider....
this one is priceless...........LOL


Keifer Sutherland doing some JAPANDER action and shooting a 24-esque commercial for tasty snacks... at


Monday, October 27, 2008

Diversification Jive Turkey Madness

Diversification Jive Turkey Madness or 'when putting all your eggs in different baskets is a bad idea, because all the baskets are sitting in the kitchen of the Titantic'

MBA Nerd Material Alert

So I found this interesting paper that describes situations where diversification will totally pwn you. This article describes situations where increasing the number of items in a portfolio actually increases the portfolio risk. Pretty interesting but a VERY dense if your not into this sort of thing.

On another thought, thinking of the classical view of the portfolio which includes a correlation component. It is quite interesting because diversification makes sense if your 'intra-portfolio correlation' is below 1. So anything below 1 lets you minimize the aggregate risk to the portfolio. Another thought is that the correlation between your portfolio pieces also changes over time, so what had low covariance matrix today may not have low covariance matrix tomorrow. I remember reading somewhere that 'when things start to go down the tubes... things can get highly correlated very fast...' I think I heard a guy on NPR say something to the effect that blind diversification is bad.. kind of like talking on your cell phone while driving while listening to music does not reduce your chance of getting into a car accident =p

I also found this paper detailing the effect of Heavy Tailed returns on popular Risk Measures... To measure and manage market risk, it is important to use a model that describes asset returns accurately. Most financial concepts that have been developed in the past decades rest upon the assumption that returns follow Gaussian, bell-shaped distributions. However, evidence from the markets shows that the distribution of returns in several asset classes diverges from the Gaussian assumption. In particular, it has been observed that the profit/loss distributions present asymmetries and heavy tails. Extreme events, such as large losses or gains, occur with a higher probability than the one implied by the Gaussian distribution

Here is some more epic distribution goodness

An excerpt from one of the papers cited by this link

Positive returns have less impact on future variances and correlations than negative returns of the same absolute magnitude, although the economic importance of this asymmetry is minor. Finally, there is strong evidence that equity volatilities and correlations move together, possibly reducing the benefits to portfolio diversification when the market is most volatile.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Shinobi's BACK!

LOLLLLLLLL.... found this old commercial.... with our favorite Hero Hiro (Masi Oka)... Shinobi's Back... i remember this because he was so totally biting my gear style back then... enjoy!

As an extra bonus.. here are Hiro and Claire (Hayden Pattanree..whatever)from the cover of FHM Magazine.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I miss B School already OR Kellogg Students get 'Myrtle Beach' drunk

A good friend of mine emailed this to me, and it brought back memories... I miss B school already. The intersection of highly intelligent, highly driven people, with beer and business cases.... this is how empires are built and alliances are forged my friends. =)

The following was apparently sent to the B school students at Kellogg... and was originally found at Here is the hilarious email. Apparently these Kellogg students got 'Myrtle Beach' drunk =p

Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2008 12:54 PM


Subject: Student Conduct at Social Events


During our time at Kellogg, we have many opportunities to strengthen the "Kellogg" brand. Our relationships with one another and the time we spend together, both at Jacobs and away from campus, often provide great benefits to students and the school. Unfortunately, there are also times when students' conduct can have a negative impact on the brand. Since CIM Ball, there have been many rumors about what occurred that evening. KSA would like to provide clarification as well as provide a few reminders:

The Field Museum made the decision to shut the bar at CIM Ball down early because of student behavior, NOT because they ran out of alcohol. A few examples of such behavior included:

*Students were throwing things at a historic artifact: Sue, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, which The Field Museum purchased for over $8.3 million

*Students were vomiting on themselves and on the Field Museum Floors

*Students were spitting at people

*Students attempted to smuggle in a substantial amount of alcohol (large trash bins full of bottles and cans and flasks)

*Students passed out in high-traffic areas

*Students arrived at an open bar event already too overserved

While these examples apply to a very small minority of students, it only takes a few negative incidents to tarnish our brand. It is pretty embarrassing that the Field Museum will refuse to host future Kellogg events unless they can treat it like a high school prom, with breathalyzers, high security, and chaperones.

The goal of social and cultural events is to have fun, but a formal event at historical landmarks in Chicago should not be treated as a night out at the Keg. Not only will few venues be willing to host Kellogg events, but this type of behavior can decrease the value of a Kellogg MBA for us and future students.

We ask that you bear this message in mind at future social, cultural, and recruiting events, and that you treat students, event organizers, and the host property with respect.

Thank you,



Andrea Hanson

Vice President - Social & Cultural

Kellogg Student Association

Friday, October 24, 2008

Greenspan's Turkey

Apparently Greenspan was also a Jive Turkey =)
I first came across the Turkey analogy when I read Taleb's Black Swan book. The analogy was funny yet salient so I thought I'd share. After seeing Greenspan's quote I just had to bust this infographic out.

Greenspan's Jive Turkey Quotes

"once-in-a-century credit tsunami""That is precisely the reason I was shocked because I'd been going for 40 years or more with very considerable evidence that it was working exceptionally well."

In the future, I hope we avoid being jive turkeys....

An interesting point... I was testing Black Scholes Merton equation's sensitivity to input volatility error for 'way out of the money' calls and puts and found an interesting example.

(if you don't care about derivative pricing then skip this section)

Take a call option with 1 year left before expiration, a strike price of $100, the current value of the underlying asset is $50... the volatility is 20%, and the risk free rate is 4.5%..... The call option price of this scenario is about $0.002.... Say the 'true' volatility was actually 26.6%, in this case the appropriate price for the call option is $0.044.... notice the raw sensitivity to the input, a 33% change in the volatility input results in a 22X change in the price... thus, you better be on point with your volatility input. This of course only matters if you believe the assumption that reality actually follows the Gaussian distribution into the tails..... (If you don't then this is an exercise in futility, if you agree with Mr. Taleb then this top-down approach is silly, this example is just to illustrate that even if the model constraints are true, you are still subject to massive swings in your solution if your inputs are even marginally off). Otherwise you might get a nasty surprise when this option exercised and you have to honor your end of the obligation... OOPS you charged WAY too little for this option... This is a good example of when not to be a turkey... This is an example I came up with after reading the Black Swan. The fragility of the Black Scholes Merton model is known to practioners and academics alike (My 'very smart professor' Zhao actually made us read a paper on the fragility of the model during my derivatives class after showing us the method.)
Anyhow, don't feel bad if your a turkey sometimes... just hope your not being a turkey when your house of cards is stacked to the ceiling. =)

Sweet Godzilla scans

I saw this totally sweet link to a Flickr photoset of totally sweet Godzilla monster scans on Now we just need a cutaway of the presidential candidates LOL... or perhaps not =p

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Twitter Yo Moma Presidential Battle

I saw this twitter battle linked off of It's pretty damn funny so check it out. Here is an excerpt from it.

# Yo mama so fat, she authorized a $700 billion bailout of Dairy Queen.

# yo mama so fat, she thinks the G8 is a Value Meal.

# Yo mama so fat, her other biography is called "The Audacity of Hardee's.

# Yo mama so fat, the only Supreme Court verdict she wants to overturn is HomeTown Buffet v. Yo Mama.

# Yo mama so fat, she thinks sub-prime is a steak cut.

# Yo mama so fat, McCain refers to her as "Those Ones."

# Your mama so fat, when they asked which menus she reads, she said "You know, all of 'em."

# Yo mama's so ugly, Obama said "You can put lipstick on a pig and it would look a lot like yo mama on dollar margarita night."

# you moms so fat ACORN registered her to vote *three* times.

# Yo moms so fat Russia can see her from *their* house.

# Yo mama such a ho, the tab for the federal bailout plan is "700 billion dollars, plus fifty cents to have sex with yo mama."

# your mama so stupid she tried to arrange the genres on her iPod to put Country First.

# yo mama so fat McCain gives patronizing air quotes when he talks about the "health of yo mama"

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Street Fighter - The later years

The guys at made this hilarious spoof on the Street Fighter fighting video game series.... Imagine Zangief as a janitor. Hadoken! =p
Check it!

Part 1

Below are hyper links to the rest of the videos. There are 9 videos total. Enjoy!
Part 2 (click here)

Part 3 (click here)

Part 4 (click here)

Part 5 (click here)

Part 6 (click here)

Part 7 (click here)

Part 8 (click here)

Part 9 (click here)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Booze and Schmooze #8 Gallery is up

(Pictured: Wash U PMBA represent!)
The photos from Friday's Booze and Schmooze #8 are up. Check them out here. For more information about St. Louis Booze and Schmooze follow this link

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Army of ONE... World of Warcraft Style

So this guy apparently plays 36 World of Warcraft accounts simultaneously so that he doesn't have to deal with 'other people' when he does his raids and such... this kind of kills the social aspect of it, but to each his own...

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Totally Bad Ass! Man saves son by shooting arrow into the heart of a Grizzly bear

This by far has to be the most bad ass thing I've seen on the news all week. Check this out, this got took a 500 lb Grizzly bear down with a single arrow shot to save his son's life.... we salute you totally bad ass hunting dude..

It was a one-in-a-million shot, but luckily for Ron J. Leming, his father accurately fired the arrow from his bow the one time it counted the most - as a 500-pound grizzly bear chased him downhill.

He figured the bear was about 10 feet from him when he shot, although he can't remember using the bow's sight to aim. He also had to wait until his son passed, so his target window was short and his target was moving.

As he was falling, Leming pivoted onto his back. As the bear bore down on him, he fought back, throwing punches and kicking to keep the bear away from his head.

"I wouldn't have wanted to be on the other end of those," his father said. "He definitely fought for all he was worth. That kid's Ford tough."

Yes he just said FORD TOUGH.. but you know what, when you do something that bad ass... you deserve to say what ever you want =)

It is unfortunate the bear had to die though.

Black Swan author pwninates the market

Black Swan author Nicholas Taleb totally pwns market check it below.
Far out of the money puts and calls clip the chubby tails of the unknown.
Market Swan Dive is Bling Bling for Black Swan guy

"We refused to touch credit default swaps,'' Taleb said. ``It would be like buying insurance on the Titanic from someone on the Titanic."

"Investors advised by ``Black Swan'' author Nassim Taleb have gained 50 percent or more this year as his strategies for navigating big swings in share prices paid off amid the worst stock market in seven decades."

Someone Set Us Up the Bomb in Downtown Clayton

So apparently someone set us up the bomb in a downtown Clayton high rise building that is not very far from where I live... "A man named Michael Hart said his boss saw the explosion happen in the building's parking garage. Hart said his boss watched a man pick up a box next to a car, and then the box exploded, setting the man on fire. Hart said that witnesses helped put out the flames and get help for the man."

Check the ongoing story HERE!

thanks to Ambizzle for the find