Friday, May 16, 2008

Futures of Sunlight

So I was sitting in my Options and Futures class... and it came to me that maybe... just maybe when Solar energy is tractable and completely ubiquitous.... that we will see trading in futures of sunlight... in the same way that the price of energy is based on the price of coal for instance... i'm imagining this analogy will hold for solar energy. For instance... I can see solar speculators tracking the internal fluid dynamics of the sun to determine when the 'big one', a monster solar flare will hit... which will result in a huge surplus of radiant energy.... or maybe some Mr. Burns will build a huge reverse Dyson Sphere of some sort and corner the market on incident solar goodness....
well anyway.... the next thought is getting Tim to do his Angry Money spot... or maybe the website for kyle's dog island.


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Anonymous said...

You realize what you're proposing would cause another crisis in terms of the global pool of money! (gpm) In the late 90's it was the crash of tech since there were so many companies bringing in so much money with no capital and who made no money themselves. Then you had the GPM sunk into real estate, which again crashed because people sank tons of money into others who again had no money and no real source of income.... The current GPM is energy! The sun will bankrupt us all!!! ;p