Friday, September 19, 2008

Hilarious Psychographic Segmentation Fun

So I was sitting in class yesterday, and the professor showed us an interesting tool.. PRIZM... via psychographic segmentation. It's a tool that analyses the top 5 archetypes associated with a zip code... its pretty dead on and pretty hilarious.... their different forms or archetypes have some pretty hilarious names too... such as YOUNG DIGERATI, COUNTRY SQUIRES, GRAY POWER...

For example... if you typed in say a zip code, it would pop up the top 5 types for that zip code. (the size of these segments is supplied if you pay for this service, although my professors says if you were clever you could back it up from census data)
You find interesting things per archetype such as... they have a penchant for Buick Grand Marquises, watch Futurama, drink malt liquor, shop at Banana Republic, read Maxim, and relative education level and median income...

Try it yourself here

Here are some examples from places I have lived...

Zip code 27606 - Raleigh NC
Young Influentials
City Startups
Home Sweet Home
New Beginnings
Suburban Sprawl

Zip code 63105 - Clayton MO
Money & Brains
The Cosmopolitans
Young Digerati
Bohemian Mix
American Dreams

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