Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Grocery Store EPIC

So I was walking around the grocery store last night and this thought just popped into my head... you know when you say.. go to the grocery store to pick up toilet paper... and your walking down the aisles with this giant package of soft paper goodness?... its just funny because I wonder if the first thought that pops into other people's heads when they see this particular juxtaposition of person and giant bundle of toilet paper is ... "I SOOO TOTALLY KNOW WHAT YOUR GOING TO DO WITH THAT!" I mean probably not... but this kind of lines up with other hilarious items that you buy... such as the time I was in Chicago with my friends... and apparently someone rendered my friend Kyle's restroom... under construction... well considering I was sleeping on his coffee table and there were about 6 people in his apartment... we brave souls... did the appropriate thing... we woke up.... and waited outside Walgreens at like 7 am (this was not a 24-7 Walgreens)... then when those pearly gates finally opened we ran into to find the weapon of choice... your garden variety plunger... and in retrospect... this feeling of... LOL 'I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE USING THAT FOR' definitely came into play... I mean you have a bunch of people rushing into Walgreens on a Sunday morning in downtown chicago at 7am.... only to ring up a solitary item.... so next time you buy something hilarious.. think of this and laugh to yourself... i think the clerks must see truly interesting combinations of purchase items... that would make you die laughing...... =p

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