Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Airport Saga IV: Merger Mayhem

Step 1. Get overbooked for flight in city 1.
Step 2. Take taxi with old cranky cussing dude.
Step 2.5 Taxi stops for bathroom break at Burger King.
Step 2.75 Burger King is closed so cabby pulls up next to highway and decides to relieve himself next to the cab.
Step 3. Slow cabby
Step 4. Arrive at city 2 late.. Thanks cranky pee on road cabby dude...
Step 5. Wait for noon flight to memphis.
Step 6. Watch bow hunting of deer on tv at the airport and thinking 'That's pretty sweet.' vs using ak47. Even better if the dudes went all hand to hand combat
Step 7. Hoping his standby flight doesn't kick me in the face.
Step 8. Apparently to add insult to injury... The agents in NC booked me to fly into STL from Nashville.. Only problem.. They flew me to Memphis... FAIL..
Step 9. Holy balls... I just saw a 6'4 elf with bells in full elf garb walk by gate b1 at the airport.
Step 10. Appaerently they are oversold and they said the plane will not take off until one of us 'VOLUNTEERS' to take the flight tomorrow morning.. lol\
Step 11. Meet hilarious people on p lane
Step 12. Get Home

Finale: Your princess is in another castle... FAIL (Wah Wah Wah....)

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Hax said...

Holy crap, man... that is one of the craziest things I have heard about flying in a while.