Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Dog theme day:
So I saw this Poodle Disguise for Attack Dogs... poor dog.... I can see the embarrassment on his face.... LOL (Like this is really going to fool anyone... more like.... you'll look and be like WTF is that!) =)

On a more interesting note... this article on cracked.com is pretty funny and thought I can totally visualize this. Check it out here....

That aforementioned stubborn streak and confidence was part of the breed standard for a good reason. On top of being a companion for emperors in Imperial China, the Pekingese served as personal guard dogs. The smallest, most ferocious ones were actually called "sleeves" because they could be carried inside large-sleeved garments to be unleashed for short-range attacks. Imagine it as a hairy canister of mace that didn't stop chewing on the eyes until commanded to do so.

Yes that says short ranged ATTACKS!!! lol.. I know its probably full of crap but it's still damn funny....

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