Tuesday, December 9, 2008

World of ObamaCraft

I saw a posting on metafilter.com linking to this article.

So apparently one of Obama's new cabinet members is a World of Warcraft player... Level 70 Shamen.... hopefully this dude.. who goes by.. Supernovan Jenkins... won't go all LEEEEROOYYY JENKINS on America....

Excerpt from Wikipedia entry for Leeroy Jenkins
It features a group of players discussing a detailed battle strategy while one of their number, Leeroy, is away from his computer. Their plan is ruined when Leeroy returns and, ignorant of the strategy, immediately charges headlong into battle shouting his own name as a battle cry. His companions rush to stop him, and his subsequent actions ruin the meticulous plan and the encounter ends in failure for the group. His response to the other players' reactions, "at least I have chicken", was also much parodied.

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