Friday, January 30, 2009

Beyond Here: There Be Zombies

So my friend Jamie S. sent me this and it just made my day..... (Layoff news abound makes for a muddy Thursday).... apparently some jokers in Texas hacked a Road Sign to say... ZOMBIES AHEAD.... pure awesomeness indeed...

Speaking of Zombies I watched George Romero's Diary of the Dead yesterday... its pretty good... actually... Think Cloverfield/Blair Witch with zombies... alot like Left 4 Dead the Xbox 360 game which is awesome incarnate...

By the end of the movie you want to rip the camera guy's head off for being a terrible human being though.... The best character in the film is the Amish Farmer guy though... watch it and you'll see what I mean....


My friend David P. (MIT Alum) just sent me this to go with the Zombie goodness.

So apparently the kids at MIT have quite a few sign goodness hacks as well

BTW the building in the Godzilla picture is real, I saw it when I was in Cambridge for a Wedding on the MIT campus... totally awesome looking. Check the 411 here on wikipedia

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