Friday, February 6, 2009

To Suit or Not to Suit / The Straddle Question

When my friends an I first started going to Business School for our MBA's we started wearing ties and suit/ties to work every day, I did this for about a year and a half. It was interesting because our general work place style is Business Casual. I really don't like the idea of business casual in a way... it's a lot like straddling... I'd rather either go to work in a Metalocalypse T-Shirt with Shell tops on.... or go in full tilt business suit attire. The business casual combination of slacks, dress shoes, button up shirt just doesn't seem complete unless you at least put the tie on, I mean if you are going 95% of the way, you might as well all the way. I'm a big fan of comfort or sharp uniform, the middle just seems like it gets the trouble of getting dressed up, but falls short of looking dapper. I will say, dressing the part definitely alters your psychology quite a bit, try it =) So put plainly, Allan C's Trogdor Hoodie with Jeans is 100% comfort, Tim G's Combat Boots and Polo Shirt rock the edgy tip at 100% comfort, My Suit/Tie is 0% comfort, My Skull and Guns Tshirt, with ripped jeans and shell tops are 100% comfort. I am down with all of these =) Event appropriate of course though =)

My friend Vince G. sent me this article, and it got me thinking about the dope threads issue.... its is an interesting short read check it out here.

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