Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Evolutionary Basis of Consumption - Book

So I just picked up this book I came across on the web. It's quite interesting and the first particular type of text I've seen addressing an Evolutionary Perspective on Marketing and Consumer Behavior. It's called The Evolutionary Basis of Consumption by Gad Saad This is interesting because I think that this particular application of an Evolutionary Framework will yield a lot of data and experiments in the future... since Advertising and Consumer Behavior are massively important drivers of commerce and business.... Marketing Starts with understanding customer need after all. I haven't completed the book yet, but the text so far seems pretty promising. The argument is that this is a compliment to the cognitive and behavioral frameworks currently applied. Ideally this framework of analysis may be helpful in giving a richer explanation of consumer behavior and may lead to more effective expenditure of advertising dollars. It will be interesting to see if this adaptive perspective turns out to be more effective than current paradigms...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Fail Whale

I think someone is causing my Fail Whale.... damn you twitter addicts!!! In other twitter news... this is just too funny to not post.. that being said I still love the hell out of twitter.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


As if derivative pricing wasn't already difficult... I introduce....
Option Pricing using the fourier transform method....
This is quite informative if you are crazy enough to be curious about this stuff.. The first 2 sections go over the basic rationale for why we want to price options and the basic techniques. Basic is used very very loosely though.... One of the first things they mention is Ito's Lemma... which is a seriously high level math concept by itself... So when you get pissed off that these companies are having to pay 'please stay' bonuses... you can get an idea of the types of people they 'may' be trying to hold onto... the derivatives game is almost intractably complex....

The Coolest Thing I've Seen All Month

Imagine the Nazca lines... but with Sheep and LED's. Thanks to David P. for sending me this bit of Awesome!

The Dow Jones Time Machine

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Technology is like a loaded gun...

So apparently someone at TIME had this great idea to let interweb voters pick the "world's most influential people in government, science, technology and the arts." What ends up happening is damn hilarious..... check it out here... I saw this story posted on fark.com originally. Notice that T-Pain has a solid 6th place spot while the current leader moot... has a solid 1 Million vote lead.... This just goes to show that technology is extremely hilarious in the hands of businesses.... =)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Malik's Epic Twitter or The most funniest twitter.. EVER

Yes that says "wow, thought i was wearing shorts when i went out to the mailbox, apparently i wasn't" LOL... Malik you are a truly awesome... that made my day =)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Adam Smith the Moral Philosopher and Student of Human Behavior

Adam Smith the human behavior studying guy? Whha.a.aat? LOL Yeah I didn't konw that either... Adam Smith... the name all MBA's and Economics majors know.... So with all the financial turmoil.. there seems to be strong popular support for behavioral economics.... which is interesting... considering Adam Smith of Wealth of Nations fame and Economics lore... was a Moral Philosopher and student of human behavior.... (I didn't know this tidbit about Adam Smith until I saw this interesting posting on Gene Expression....)
Check out the Gene Expression blog entry here.

Gene Expression has some gems such as:

To be fair to the field, though, they point out that before roughly the 1970s, mainstream economists all believed that the foibles of human beings, as they really exist, should be incorporated into theory, rather than dismissing them as behaviors that only an irrational dupe would show. Remember that Adam Smith was a professor of moral philosophy and wrote extensively about human psychology. From what I can tell, the recent shift does not have to do with the introduction of math nerds into the field, since the man who laid most of the formal foundation -- Paul Samuelson -- was squarely in the "psychology counts" camp. It looks more like a subset of math nerds is responsible -- call them contemptuous autists, as in "What kind of idiot would engineer the brain that way?!" (Again, these are very rough impressions, and I'm winging it in categorizing people.)

Notice... the math nerd part, well at least the ones that like to mistake models for reality.... =). The explosion of quantitative finance (think derivatives and option pricing etc) really took off in the late 1970's and 1980's when many Physicists, Mathematicians, and Scientists started entering into the field, applying traditional physics/math concepts such as equilibrium to financial models... in fact... the canonical Black-Scholes option pricing equation is based on the physics of heat transfer... at least in the equilibrium concept... check the Wiki Entry here to see the Heat Equation Black-Scholes is based on roughly speaking.

The moral of the story I think is that... although we grow up to be astronauts, janitors, and engineers.... should not, for one minute.... forget the social lessons we learned while on the playground... Human behavior does not change magically just because people get older... Thus I think.... in truth, partially at least,... everything we need to know about human behavior... we learned in Kindergarten.... we just forgot it when we got older..... =)

Twitterholic Rank #9 Like Whoa!

MUHAHAHAHA! So my friend Tim G. sent me this website that shows who is the most twitter crazy per city. Here is the listing for St. Louis... muahahah I'm at number 9. Then again people in StL aren't really tech kids so its not really that big of a deal =)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shinobi F15

My friend Vince G. sent me this article detailing Boeing's unveiling of a Ninja Version of the F15 using the Conformal Fuel tanks as internal carriage bays.... can I get some ninja stars.... Check it here

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Street Fighter 4 = Ken

So I heard my new Sf4 internet friend KenzoKD talking about some Ken flowchart someone had made that was hilarious... thus as usual I did some digging and found it... check it out in all its ms paint glory here at Geekstir.com

Friday, March 13, 2009

Do Penguins have knees?

So I decided to do a little research in order to answer the age old question..... DO PENGUINS HAVE KNEES? I was pondering this when my friend Halleh was telling me that the Broom Ball event we threw was really fun, I asked her if everyone looked like Drunk Penguins on Ice.... . This also makes me think it would be quite informative for Do Penguins Have Knees research if everyone was wearing Penguin Mascot costumes whilst playing a heated game of Broomball.. but I digress..... According to this website... they DO INDEED HAVE KNEES... They are just covered by their feathers...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Of Sharks and Monkeys....

Animal Blitzkrieg today..... So I saw two very intersting stories on the interwebs today.... The first is a tale of a spear fisherman fighting off a shark... appaerntly the shark kept getting closer and closer and the men in the water felt threatened enough that they had to preemptively attack it. I'm guessing these guys felt real danger, because... I don't think anyone wants to fight a giant piece of evolution perfected machinery.... anyhow here is the story from the dailymail. Poor shark though, he's just being a shark.

From the article:
Plunging a knife in again and again, diver Craig Clasen grapples with a 12ft tiger shark to protect a friend.
For two hours he wrestled with the giant, spearing it seven times, even drowning the beast before eventually finishing it off with a knife.

In other animality news.... Check this hilarious story out.
Apparently primates have pretty good tactical battle planning skills as well... not a big surprise though if you consider... we kind of came from them....

From the article:

STOCKHOLM – A canny chimpanzee who calmly collected a stash of rocks and then hurled them at zoo visitors in fits of rage has confirmed that apes can plan ahead just like humans, a Swedish study said Monday. Santino the chimpanzee's anti-social behavior stunned both visitors and keepers at the Furuvik Zoo but fascinated researchers because it was so carefully prepared.

According to a report in the journal Current Biology, the 31-year-old alpha male started building his weapons cache in the morning before the zoo opened, collecting rocks and knocking out disks from concrete boulders inside his enclosure. He waited until around midday before he unleashed a "hailstorm" of rocks against visitors, the study said.

I originally found these stories at Slashdot.org and Fark.com

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

AIG Zombie Plague

So apparently AIG has an exposure of $1.6 TRILLION in derivatives exposure... according to this Scribd document found here. It is supposedly an internal document from AIG. It provides various analysis on subjects such as the systemic risk exposure, the failure chain of impact, and other interesting/scary data such as the fact that AIG insures up to 97% of Fortune 500 companies. I found this linked off of a Boingboing.net posting...

From the Linked supposed AIG document

AIG's business model a sprawl of $1 trillion of insurance and financial services businesses, whose AAA credit was used to backstop a $2 trillion dollar financial products trading business has many inherent risks that are correlated with one another. As the global economy has experienced multi-sector failures, AIG’s vast business has been weakened by these multi-sector failures.

Systemic risk afflicts all life insurance and investment firms around the world. Thus, what happens to AIG has the potential to trigger a cascading set of further failures which cannot be stopped except by extraordinary means.

Like a box of chocolates..... or a Zombie plague.... you never know who in your group got bit until its too late.... chomp chomp

My friend Joe B. found this extra bit of info from Bloomberg and linked me... check it out here..

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Urban Camouflage

So my friend Kyle sent to this me and said that he could see me trying this Urban Ninja Camouflage stuff... he was totally right..... I would so do this lol... I particularly like the colored paper camouflage...

From the website About section
"Urban Camouflage deals with the question how to camouflage oneself and one’s identity in the urban space. Our costumes are inspired by the «ghillie suits», the military camouflage suit. It was an adventure to wear the suit in the stores because of the conflicts with the employees, the reaction of the customers and also to see
the pretty well camouflage effect in a real situation. "

Friday, March 6, 2009

Trogdor.... For those days when you want to burninate some bridges....

This is a throwback to back in the day... but for those of you who are not Trogdor initiated, this should be a treat. I give you... homestarrunner.com's StrongBad emails..... Check out the pure awesomeness of Trogdor.. the Burninator...

This is good medicine when you are having a bad day and want to burninate some bridges or cubicle walls...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The coolest thing in Finland since... ICE

So I found a link to this ICE HOTEL pictured above while I was looking at coolhunting.com. Apparently they rebuild this Ice Hotel every year. You can even make reservations if you happen to be in Finland... This seems like a great place for mischief and decadence ..... then again.... Beers + Hilarity usually ends up in yellow snow, so perhaps too much revelry is bad in this case... LOL.. Here is the link to the LumiLinna Snowcastle homepage

David P. noted that "Hah, awesome, you can get Fillet of Reindeer in the Snowresteraunt"

I also think this would be a good place to have a Snuggie Keg Party...

The SnowCastle of Kemi by the Gulf of Bothnia is the source of great pride as well as a true showcase of architectonic snow-work of the local constructors. Every winter the SnowCastle offers wonderful experiences for both children and adults alike. Great light-effects will add to the charm of the snow- and ice-sculpting as well as to the structures about the SnowCastle.

The constructions of the SnowCastle 2009 at the Inner Port of Kemi began on December 31st. Opening ceremonies was held on Friday the 30th of January 2009.

SnowCastle will be open daily from 10 am – 7 pm. The Castle will be closed on the 12th of April, weather permitting. Welcome!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Scariest movie ever........ if you are a dude...

So my buddy and I saw this movie on Netflix... Teeth... (here is the Rottentomatoes link). All I have to say is that this is the scariest movie of all time... if you are a dude..... My eyes... they burn..... lol..... As a warning, I wouldn't watch this movie unless you like triggering primal fears..... After that I need to watch some Carebears....

Monday, March 2, 2009


So I saw this on the Soup.... and I couldn't not laugh..