Thursday, March 5, 2009

The coolest thing in Finland since... ICE

So I found a link to this ICE HOTEL pictured above while I was looking at Apparently they rebuild this Ice Hotel every year. You can even make reservations if you happen to be in Finland... This seems like a great place for mischief and decadence ..... then again.... Beers + Hilarity usually ends up in yellow snow, so perhaps too much revelry is bad in this case... LOL.. Here is the link to the LumiLinna Snowcastle homepage

David P. noted that "Hah, awesome, you can get Fillet of Reindeer in the Snowresteraunt"

I also think this would be a good place to have a Snuggie Keg Party...

The SnowCastle of Kemi by the Gulf of Bothnia is the source of great pride as well as a true showcase of architectonic snow-work of the local constructors. Every winter the SnowCastle offers wonderful experiences for both children and adults alike. Great light-effects will add to the charm of the snow- and ice-sculpting as well as to the structures about the SnowCastle.

The constructions of the SnowCastle 2009 at the Inner Port of Kemi began on December 31st. Opening ceremonies was held on Friday the 30th of January 2009.

SnowCastle will be open daily from 10 am – 7 pm. The Castle will be closed on the 12th of April, weather permitting. Welcome!

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Ms.C said...

Nah Dave, this one in Sweden is even better.