Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ode To Hungry Hungry Hippos

This game is the most brilliant game ever developed. I think its a good life lesson. Get pill or go hungry!

Excerpts from Wikipedia about this epic game.

The shaking of the lightweight playing field during play, particularly when children are pounding on the levers to make their hippos capture marbles, introduces a strong random element to the game. Winning is often a matter of pure luck and not of skill. In a 1990 short story published in The New Yorker (and sarcastically named after the game), Edward Allen wrote, "The object of the game [is essentially] to press your handle down again and again as fast as you can, with no rhythm, no timing, just slam-slam-slam as your hippo surges out to grab marble after marble from the game surface...."

"It's a race, it's a chase, hurry up and feed their face!
Who will win? No one knows! Feed the hungry hip-ip-pos!
Hungry hungry hippos! (open up and there it goes!)"

Friday, May 29, 2009

Google Wave - Sounds like a Street Fighter Move

Google does it again with... Google Wave... (article from pcmag)

So I found this linked off of In a way it is a throwback to back in the day when we used to use ICQ. You could archive every single conversation automatically. This wasn't really added till much later in AIM and even then you have to manually turn it on. But this is a bit like google chat logs that are aggregated. Or rather... very similar to a Twitter stream or Facebook wall to wall, but on crack.

"Real-time updates seem to be a critical element of Wave. Not only can conversations be updated in real time, but users who allow others access to their wave can allow those users the ability to update thier waves in real time."

This seems like merging email, IM, facebook, twitter, and a picture forum rolled into one.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

From Sim to Win

So my friend Kyle sent me this... I thought it was kind of hilarious.

There's no reset button here, no second chance. One slip, one lapse in concentration, and it's not only your own car that'll be reduced to splintered, pointy pieces, but potentially a million bucks worth of other people's metal, too. Not to mention the drivers. So why the hell is 23-year-old Lucas OrdoƱez, an easygoing MBA student from Spain who'd never driven a race car until six months ago, behind the wheel of this 350Z in the middle of this nighttime scrum? And how the hell is he nailing lap after lap within a couple of tenths of his teammate, former F1 ace Johnny Herbert?

It's a debate most of us have had down at the pub: If you're quick on the PlayStation, will you be quick in real life? Darren Cox, Nissan's online guru, and Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of the Gran Turismo series, think so. In fact, they decided to prove that a virtual racing champion can be turned into a real-life racing champion. And so begins the most expansive, most extreme virtual/reality racing experiment in history. A quest to put a top gamer into a top-level international GT race. A real one.

Check out the full article here on Top Gear! From Gran Tourismo to REAL Gran Tourismo

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Captain Improv

This new Captain Morgan commercial totally rocks... quite the mirror of reality though.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Return of Little Mac

A Modern Gentleman's Tome of Gentlemanly stuff

(Image from

My friend Kyle told me about website... and I must say it is quite gentlemanly. Imagine taking next day post-drinking debauchery im/texts/emails and framing them with a Gentleman's context.... See for yourself. Enjoy.

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Real Shocker... Stun Gun Brass Knuckles..

Wield the power of Raiden with this completely overkill Electric Stun Brass Knuckle weapon.... WTF.... lol...

Life Imitates Tekken...Now you too can bust out your own Electric Wind God Fist...

This should start a new Internet Meme.... If you combine this with the ubiquitous Donkey Punch.. then you have... something like.... "DAMMNNNNN you just got Electric Donkey Punched".... well that and jail time.... Thus is born the Electric Donkey Punch meme.....

Hopefully no one actually tries this in real life...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

GrandMaster Flash of Economics

Here is an interesting article on the emerging battle between Theory based and Empirically based economics.... Check it out here I love all the DJ references... I originally found this post on

I think this is interesting discussion because it would seem that you would need to have a robust approach to this sort of thing where you hold theory and empirical measurement in high regard. It seems like the lack of moderation on either end is a bad idea. Theory without empirical validation = hand waving, Empirical validation without theoretic basis = overconfidence without causal interpretation. At the end of the day, as long as they can reconcile large scale economic behavior with base human behavior in aggregate I hope we will be on the right track. I think a good addition to this argument would be the article on the original Behavioral Economist, Adam Smith

If Merton is Grand Master Flash, then Adam Smith is Bach.

Pig Flu Mask =p

We should seriously make these...... or draw them on the Swine Flu masks...

Update: Jamie S. tells me that apparently a lot of clever retailers have started busting stuff out like this... check it here

Monday, May 4, 2009

Friday, May 1, 2009

Apparently Birds can Dance... in addition to doing Math

My friend Tim D. sent me this.. It's pretty cool

Here is the original link from Nat Geo.

Perception Test

Ok here is a very interesting perception test.
Follow these rules as best you can, once you click the video and hit play.
It is important that you try to follow the rules. The first time you watch the video.
Instructions from the University of Illinois Visual Cognition lab.

This link takes you to the basketball video from an experiment by Daniel Simons and Christopher Chabris. When viewing the video, try to count the total number of times that the people wearing white pass the basketball. Do not count the passes made by the people wearing black. When you're done, visit the main lab web site for more information. Please note that this video is copyrighted and is available on this web site for viewing purposes only -- it may not be downloaded, copied, saved or used for any other purpose. If you are interested in using this video in any other context, it is available on DVD from Viscog Productions, Inc. Please see the link below. (Note that the University of Illinois is not in any way affiliated with Viscog Productions and this link does not represent an endorsement of Viscog Productions or its products by the University.)

Take the perception test here!

Ok, now that you've taken the test.... watch the video again, but don't count the balls.... By the way the first time I saw this was when I was in MBA school... it blew my mind.