Friday, May 29, 2009

Google Wave - Sounds like a Street Fighter Move

Google does it again with... Google Wave... (article from pcmag)

So I found this linked off of In a way it is a throwback to back in the day when we used to use ICQ. You could archive every single conversation automatically. This wasn't really added till much later in AIM and even then you have to manually turn it on. But this is a bit like google chat logs that are aggregated. Or rather... very similar to a Twitter stream or Facebook wall to wall, but on crack.

"Real-time updates seem to be a critical element of Wave. Not only can conversations be updated in real time, but users who allow others access to their wave can allow those users the ability to update thier waves in real time."

This seems like merging email, IM, facebook, twitter, and a picture forum rolled into one.

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