Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Fall of Civilization or We Need More Godzilla - Less Mothra

So I saw this epicly disturbing article on Fark.com about the Herbivorization of Japanese men. I think this is a glimpse of our future if civilization continues on it's current vector. Perhaps a dichotomy of hyper carnivore and hyper herbivore will ensue...

Fukasawa said Japanese men from the baby boomer generation were typically aggressive and proactive when it came to romance and sex. But as a result of growing up during Japan's troubled economy in the 1990s, their children's generation was not as assertive and goal-oriented. Their outlook came, in part, from seeing their fathers' model of masculinity falter even as Japanese women gained more lifestyle options.

Older generations of Japanese men are not happy about the changes. At a bar frequented by businessmen after work, one man said: "You need to be carnivorous when you make decisions in your life. You should be proactive, not passive."

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