Thursday, July 30, 2009

The art of awesome

Here is a fantastic and fresh thought on how to be awesome.
Check it out here

From the blog post:

"A Ph.D. in a field like philosophy usually requires at least 5 years of study beyond the 4-year bachelor’s degree. Some students do it in less time, but many others require six, seven, or even eight years. Even after you get the degree, the training process continues with an average of six more years working as an Assistant Professor.

In other words, it’s a hard struggle for a long time. I had the chance to head out for Ph.D. kindergarten last year myself, but I decided it wasn’t the best decision for me.

Phil, on the other hand, is good at what he does and enjoys the academic environment much more than me. The problem is the 5-10 year stretch where no one pays attention to you and you spend weeks on end writing papers that one or two people will read.

“Why not find another way?” I asked. “If you write a great book about philosophy, for example, or publish a major article, no one will care which program you went to or how you performed during your oral exams.”

“That’s what everyone says,” Phil told me. “It’s as if the answer is, ‘Go be awesome’ – but that’s too vague.” "

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