Friday, July 24, 2009

Barrel Monster creator sentenced to community service AND how a PIRATE (ARRGGG) became NC. States Student Body President

So I saw this on fark today. Apparently this NC State student made a Barrel Monster out of the Traffic Barrels on the street.. anyhow

"The creator of the "Barrel Monster" made of orange and white construction barrels was given 50 hours of community service for misdemeanor charges of larceny and damage to property."

Although sure it's property damage, I must give him a high five for creativity. Check out the story here

Btw this reminds me of the kid who ran for student body president at NC State on a PIRATE campaign (the ARGGGG) type and then subsequently actually won

Here is the FOX news story link to the ARGGG Pirate action

Avast, ye scalawags! North Carolina State University is now pirate territory!

By an overwhelming majority, the Raleigh school last week elected a candidate called "The Pirate Captain" student body president, giving the old sea dog 58 percent of the vote.

"We're quickly goin' to bae getting our plank started, get the simple things out of the way," The Pirate Captain (search), real name Whil (or maybe "Will") Piavis, a junior, told supporters after election results were unveiled Wednesday night.

The blond-maned Piavis, who constantly keeps up the "Aargh! Matey!" persona and wears a beard, eyepatch, white puffy shirt, boots, dangling sword and sometimes even a parrot, reassured fellow students he was serious.

"This simply bae a way to get people to pay attention and get involved," Piavis said, according to The Technician, the campus newspaper. "We're not a group that bae full of ourselves. We bae out here for the students."

More sober student-government types seemed appalled that a character straight from "SpongeBob SquarePants" had crashed their party.

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