Tuesday, August 11, 2009

3d Model Madness+ Facial Action Coding System:Megan Fox Edition

So after researching the whole FACS system, I decided to come up with a tutorial for those interested in learning the 'fringe' basics, but not paying $250 for the Official System. Perhaps you may look at this and decide that the system suits your needs and you can then go to HERE and purchase the 'REAL' system. This 'REAL' system was developed by Paul Ekman, Wallace V. Friesen, and Joseph C. Hager.

Check out the parody FACS:Megan Fox Edition below. The document is published on my Scribd account

Facial Action Coding System - Megan Fox Edition

In addition to this, I'm planning on a followup document with the most common facial expressions which I learned from reading Paul Ekman's works. As a test run I thought it would be funny to make a 3d model of myself using FACEGEN.

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