Friday, October 2, 2009

Beautiful things

So yesterday I went to the art store and picked up a wide tipped Calligraphy Fountain pen.  If you think about it, the decadent art of elegant handwriting has been in it's death throes for a long time.  Especially at this point handwriting, in general, seems to be almost outmoded. How often do you write something besides signing a check? For many of you the answer is not very often anymore.  So in the spirit of decadence I am going to start rocking Low Tech. Handwriting will soon become 'Steam Punk' if not already being so.

Ode to Ornate Writing by me
There are only a few beautiful things left in this world that still have an organic hint...
The World 3.0 beauty is dipped in silicon and sprinkled in flashing lights...

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