Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Why women NEVER get caught looking and men ALWAYS get caught looking

In this latest installment of the WMD's of the war of the sexes I bring you... the Vision Tactical Advantage.  So I saw a hilarious illustration similar to this in the book "The Definitive Book of Body Language" by Allan & Barbara Pease.  It made me laugh so hard I thought I would share a rendition with you guys in addition to an interesting study backing up this assertion. By the way if you do a little digging you will find that women have more rods in their retina than men do. Rods are the very light sensitive part of your eye that lets you detect changes in light.

Simply put women have a superior range of vertical vision =).
Men with their limited vertical range of vision have to adjust gaze if they are going to check a girl out, which is why the common complaint of men staring at woman's bust line occurs so often.  This is to be differentiated from the totally on purpose and unapologetic ''I'm totally checking you out gaze". This is more along the lines of the creepy "I'm trying to act like I'm not checking you out gaze but you can totally tell I am gaze".

So there you have it =)

Here is a link to the article. You can only read the abstract but there are numerous sources such as this article about the tactical differences between men and women in policework.

An abstract from the article first article:

Current learning theories stress input or the sensory apparatus as an important facet of learning and performance. The present study investigated the differences between athletes and nonathletes on vertical and horizontal vision and the relationship between sex and field of vision in both the athlete and nonathlete. The subjects were 132 Florida State University students. There were 53 male athletes, 29 female athletes, 25 male nonathletes and 25 female nonathletes. The subjects maximum field of vision was tested with a standard Bausch and Lomb perimeter whose depth measured 13 in. The results of the ANOVA support the hypothesis that both the vertical and horizontal fields of vision are superior for athletes compared to nonathletes. In addition, there are no sex differences within athletes and nonathletes except in the visual range. Females demonstrated greater high vertical range of vision.
Excerpt from the second link:
Women have better vision in low light, better peripheral vision and better hearing.

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