Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Japan: Herbivore Men... meet the Samurai Women... LOL


Ok so rehashing the two previous posts on the decline of Japan... aka Herbivore Men as well as the bit of humor with the T-Rex joke. I introduce the growing popularity of Japanese women to yearn for the Samurai Past.... yes that's totally a girl in a Samurai outfit.  (There is a video if you follow this link)

From the link:
In testing times like these, “people tend to turn to strong symbolic figures on whom they can project their ideals,” said Hideki Nakagawa, a Nihon University sociology professor and an expert on pop culture.
What started out as a trend among video game nerds erupted into a mainstream craze this year after young women latched onto it. Japanese media quickly found a label for them — “rekijo,” or female history geeks.
In a society where market researchers recently identified a new male demographic as passive ‘herbivores’, “women seek ’super carnivorous males’,” said Ichiya Nakamura, a media and pop culture researcher at Keio University.
“The warlords were different from the cold-eyed, dispassionate Japanese men of today,” he said. “They stood out because of their strong personalities.”
In a store dedicated to samurai books and paraphernalia, a 17-year-old female fan agreed wholeheartedly, gushing that the “warlords sacrificed themselves for justice and to protect the people.”
Now, she scoffed, “politics purely serves the interests of politicians.”

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