Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This is NOT Sparta - Not keeping score in youth sports?

So my friend Darren told me about this ridiculous concept of not keeping score in games.
I think this is the another step to the Mothra-ization of America.

LINCOLN -- The pint-sized player booted the soccer ball into the net, then thrust his arms out like an airplane, and zoomed back toward his own goal.
``Three to nothing! Three to nothing! Three to nothing!" he shouted.
Seven-year-old James Sanderson was keeping score.
The only problem: He wasn't supposed to.
In many suburbs around Boston, where thousands of soccer players join such scrums every weekend, the score in the youngest children's games hasn't been kept in recent years, with the idea that deemphasizing the score protects the feelings of players and preserves their interest.
No-score games and no-trophy tournaments have been contentious in the past. The issue of keeping score in youth and school sports flared up again recently, when the governing body for Connecticut high school football adopted a ``score management" rule intended to prevent strong teams from humiliating weaker ones by more than 50 points.

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