Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back to the Future - Cave Man Values

Well a stream of thought that is rippling through the social sciences and the blogosphere is the idea of a return to the Stone Age.  Similar to how Joseph Schumpeter theorized that the highest stage of capitalism would start to look socialism, there is an idea that in our current age, society has unshackled the chains of religion and conservative social structure, thus allowing a return to Stone Age Values.
This is similar to Philip K Dick's Golden Man, where human intelligence hits marginal utility and the value of primitive instinctual qualities are on the rise.  No judgement here on my end though, I'm merely observing what I think is the current scent in the wind, the zeitgeist.  It could be wrong, but it sure does fit observation better than the opposite assertion.  Gents... get your spears and get ready to hunt a mammoth.  Happy New Years. =)

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