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Santa Claus - Alien Superhero

I saw this linked on

Super Hero Dinosaurs

Superhero Dinosaurs Full Set Updated


I rather like the IRONMAN Brontosaurus

So I saw this linked off of and thought I'd share... here is the link to the actual artist's flickr account.

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Admiral Adama at the United Nations wooping ass

Lomography Strobist - Hi-Tech meet Lo-Tech

So I was in urban outfitters the other day and I was reading the description of their retro cameras, specifically the HOLGA and I was cracking up when I read the text about 'free yourself from things like control and accuracy!'.  They are replicas of cameras that for all intensive purposes are basically the exact opposite of what you normally look for in a camera.  Those being things like repeatability of pictures and control.   Well after that I was interested in recreating some of the expired film, random oversaturation of colors etc that you can get from toy-ghetto lomography cameras...   I guess I can see the draw to some uncertainty these days.... everything is so commoditized at this point... also it's a nice excuse for hoping you get lucky with a shot because the camera did something you totally didn't mean to.  But at the end... I guess not having complete control is FUN.  Anyhow flash forward and i got one of these Lomography Diana's from urban outfitters and I decided to stick my Cybersync radio flash transmitter on it. Once I get ahold of the INSTANT BACK (this effectively bolts onto the back of the camera and turns it into a polariod (insta-picture generator)), I can do some controlled studio lighting + random character of the lo-tech plastic camera... a compromise of fun and contol if you will.... (throwing in some Polaroid action into the mix as well).    I will say as a kid there was something magic about Polaroid instant cameras... sometimes lo-tech and immediate is just what you've been looking for.  Is this replacing my Canon rig? Hell no... but I think i'll be toting this around with me when I go to places I don't want to have to worry about breaking it and want immediate tangible results (instant prints)

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DIY Alcohol Kit for $9.99

Ok so I saw this and started laughing because it reminded me of how my roomate Brett and I used to acquire materials from the cafeteria to ice brew booze, this knowledgy later got translated to our other friend and he ended up throwing a party full of something they called Crazy Trojan... anyway.... check this wild thing out... $9.99 and you get 6 packs of magic that convert a 64 oz amount of juice into 14% alcohol booze.... yeah that comes with 6 packs.... I think a party needs to be thrown with this as a them...(assuming it doesn't taste super terrible)

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Vidocq: The most interesting guy you'll read about all day

So for the last year or so I've been reading some of the works by Honore Balzac, one of my favorite writers from the 19th Century, also one of the fathers of European realism. Basically almost everything we know about the 19th century comes from the mosaic painted by his 95+ works titled the Human Comedy.

But this is not about BALZAC (which I really like going to the book store and asking the nice old lady if she has Balzac.... lol... i'm sorry that is still funny)

The man in question is named Eugene Francois Vidocq. I stumbled upon this dude on accident actually... I was reading Balzac's book Lost Illusions and after finishing it I wanted to know more about one of the characters in the book named Vautrin. He was one of those devil with a silver tongue guys that could wax poetic on something and polish a truth that may be hard to deny. Basically he was one smooth m@#$#@.
Anyhow I was doing the whole wikipedia thing and then I ran across a wikipedia entry saying that Vautrin was in fact based on a real dude that Balzac knew in meatspace (real life to all you non internet nerds).  Apparently he based the Vautrin character (who is recurring in the Human Comedy novel set) which I can believe because as I read the dialog, it seemed too smooth too knowing to not come from someone he knew in real life. Anyhow then I stumbled upon a real treasure...  This dude was flat out bad ass.

The best of Bad Boy Swordsman/Master of Disguise/Detective/Crime Scene Investigator/Prison Houdini and all around smooth criminal.....  I guess you could say he was sort of a Bad Guy Savior back then... 

Vidocq's wikipedia entry above has a story that is just all over the place.

Vidocq's teens were turbulent. He is described as being fearless, rowdy and cunning, very talented, but also very lazy. He spent much time in the armories (fighting halls) of Arras and acquired a reputation as a formidable fencer and the nickname "le Vautrin" (wild boar[N 2]) By stealing, he provided himself with some level of comfort.
On 10 March 1791 he enrolled in the Bourbon Regiment, where his reputation as a terrific fencer was confirmed. According to Vidocq, within six months he had challenged fifteen people to a duel and killed two men. Despite not being a model soldier and causing difficulties, he spent only a total of fourteen days in jail. During those two weeks Vidocq helped a fellow inmate successfully escape.
On 1 November 1792 he was appointed to corporal of the grenadiers. But during his promotion ceremony he challenged a fellow non-commissioned officer to a duel. This sergeant major refused the duel, so Vidocq hit him. Striking a superior officer could have led to a death sentence (although a sergeant-major is not an officer), so he deserted from his regiment and enlisted in the 11th chasseurs, of course concealing his history. On 6 November 1792 he fought under General Dumouriez in the Battle of Jemappes.
In April 1793, Vidocq was identified as a deserter. He had followed a general, who was fleeing after a failed martial coup, into the enemy camp. After a few weeks, Vidocq returned to the French camp. A chasseur-captain friend interceded for him, so he was allowed to return safely to the chasseurs. Finally, he resigned from the army because he was no longer welcome.
He was eighteen years old when he returned to Arras. He soon gained a reputation as a womanizer. Since his seductions often ended in duels, he was imprisoned in Baudets on 9 January 1794, where he was incarcerated until 21 January 1795.

OH YEAH.... so after that portion of his life, wikipedia titles the next section the ADVENTURE years.... (implying that the previous crazyness was totally not adventurous, but as you read on about his life you can see why this isn't anything at all) add in more duels (due to womanizing), being the criminal godfather due to his exploits, changing sides and deciding to work for the Paris police force, coming up with all types of Sherlock holmes/CSI type stuff as seen below

On 1 July 1809, only a few days before his 34th birthday, Vidcoq was arrested again. He decided to stop living on the fringes of society and offered his service as an informant to the police. His offer was accepted and on 20 July he was jailed in Bicêtre where he started his work as a spy. On 28 October he continued his work in La Force Prison. He sounded out his inmates and forwarded his information about forged identities and unsolved crimes through Annette to the police chief of Paris Jean Henry.
I believe I might have become a perpetual spy, so far was every one from supposing that any connivance existed between the agents of the public authority and myself. Even the porters and keepers were in ignorance of my mission with which I was entrusted. Adored by the thieves, esteemed by the most determined bandits (for even these hardened wretches have a sentiment which they call esteem), I could always rely on their devotion to me.
—Eugène François Vidocq, Memoirs of Vidocq, p. 190 [5]
After 21 months of spying Vidocq was released from jail on the recommendation of Henry. So as not to raise suspicions among the other inmates, the release (which took place on 25 March 1811) was arranged to look like an escape. Still, Vidocq was not really free, because now he was obliged to Henry. Therefore, he continued to work as a secret agent for the Paris police. He used his contacts and his reputation in the criminal underworld to gain trust. He disguised himself as an escaped convict and immersed himself in the criminal scene to learn about planned and committed crimes. He even took part in felonies in order to suddenly turn on his partners and arrest them. When criminals eventually began to suspect him, he used disguises and assumed other identities to continue his work and throw off suspicion.

The Sûreté initially had eight, then twelve, and in 1823 had twenty employees. One year later it increased again to 28 secret agents. In addition, there were eight persons who secretly worked for the Sûreté but instead of a salary they received licences for gambling halls. A major part of Vidocq's subordinates were ex-criminals like himself. He even hired them fresh from the prisons, e.g. Coco Lacour, who would later be Vidocq's successor at the Sûreté. Vidocq described his work from this period:
It was with a troop so small as this that I had to watch over more than twelve hundred pardoned convicts, freed, some from public prisons, others from solitary confinement: to put in execution, annually, from four to five hundred warrants, as well from the préfet as the judicial authorities; to procure information, to undertake searches, and to obtain particulars of every description; to make nightly rounds, so perpetual and arduous during the winter season; to assist the commissaries of police in their searches, or in the execution of search-warrants; to explore the various rendezvous in every part; to go to the theatres, the boulevards, the barriers, and all other public places, the haunts of thieves and pickpockets.
—Eugène François Vidocq, Memoirs of Vidocq, p. 233 [5]
Vidocq personally trained his agents, for example in selecting the correct disguise depending on the kind of job. He himself still went out hunting for criminals too. His memoirs are full with stories about how he outsmarted criminals by pretending to be a beggar or an old cuckold. At one point he even simulated his own death.

He even started a paper mill and gave jobs to ex-cons.... (keep in mind people were ex-cons for stealing food and stuff as well)

Eventually he went on to start the First Ever Private Detective Agency. He was also the father of modern criminology (basically he's the grandfather of that CSI show you like) and he is the indirect basis for Sherlock Holmes... he also was called in to consult when they formed Scotland Yard.

In fact there is a real life society named after Vidocq, which is a bunch of CSI'esque experts who solve super hard to tough crimes on their lunch break... check out out here on NPR The Vidocq Society: Solving Murders like CSI and stuff

If you have a few I would HIGHLY recommend checking out his wikipedia page, it's full of awesome.

Balzac Books

Movie on Vidocq

YellowBird 360 view interactive awesome

I saw this on and had to relink it

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JERSEY SHORE the RPG Game by CollegeHumor

and now I present this epic video made by college humor.... Jersey Shore the RPG game...
this is pitch perfect Jersey Shore Finaly Fantasy 2 style.

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Prophetic Article from January 2007

So I stumbled upon this article that was originally on the Financial Times from January 2007.

The title of this article is extremely interesting given the timing.... it is THE CENTRAL BANKS CAN'T DETERMINE HOW MUCH LEVERAGE IS OUT THERE

This is damn interesting because this article was dated almost 2 YEARS before the fall of Lehman Bros.

here are some interesting excerpts from the article which happens to be pasted on the gata website.

This particular quote is epic...

In other words, no one can be sure how much capital to set aside as insurance against these leveraged bets going wrong. While risk management techniques have improved, they remain flawed in fundamental respects.
here are a few other choice bits

Many private sector bankers believe that the newer markets in credit default swaps, which investors use as insurance against corporate default, and collateralised debt obligations, packages of debt instruments used to back the issue of new securities, are inherently stabilising. That is because they spread risk more widely around the system. At the same time technology, which facilitates trading in complex new financial instruments, serves to make markets more efficient.
This, together with a big surge in global liquidity, has contributed to a dramatic decline in financial institutions' concern about risk to the point where some companies are issuing securities at a zero or negative risk premium. The risk premium is the additional return over the return on risk-free government bonds that investors normally require as a reward for taking risk.

The credit euphoria in the markets, which has caused the yields of riskier bonds to move closer to the risk-free bond yield, is partly driven by the prime brokerage divisions of investment banks competing ferociously for hedge fund business. They have loosened lending standards and margin requirements relating to the amount of collateral they require to support a given amount of hedge fund debt. 

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AWESOME talk about Creativity and Hiring

I saw this on the fantastic photography blog by Chase Jarvis... this is the dude from Pixar explaining that the "Key to creativity is failure recover, not failure avoidance"

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Amazing Street Fighter Rap

I like how Justin Wong is on this

Awesome New Cold Steel Videos

OK so while browsing the Cold Steel website (I actually have like 3 cold steel knives.... cuz they are totally sweet) I ran across founder Lynn Thompson's newest videos... he has an appearance on Attack of the Show G4TV as well as some hilarious new videos... check em out

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The Tooth Fairy

A photograph composite I took in the extreme Chiaroscuro style of Caravaggio.
I call it the Tooth Fairy.

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Best Ramen Commercial Ever

Truly a Nightmare

The creepiest video EVER... apparently this was linked off perez hilton's site but my friend kyle sent it to me... start it at 3:30.... 5:00 is racist lol

Super Dodgeball

So apparently the peeps in El Salvador take dodgeball very seriously... seriously enough that they throw flaming dodgeballs at each other.... this is kind of awesome.  check out the article here
I found this on fark this morning.

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Sore Loser

Carvaggio Style Chiaroscuro (Domo + Street Fighter 2 keychain)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shark and Dolphin Shaped Watercraft

I saw my friend Sonny's facebook link to this and thought I'd share.

Check this wild thing out.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

There can be only one!

Local man attacks truck with Samurai Sword!


ST. CHARLES • Police say a St. Charles man used a sword to chase two men away from an apartment complex dumpster, then attacked their pickup truck.
Scott B. Schwartz, 41, of the 4800 block of Sun Lake Drive, was charged Friday with felony unlawful use of a weapon and misdemeanor property damage.
St. Charles Police Lt. Mike Akers said two men were searching for scrap wood inside a dumpster in the Sun Valley Lake apartment complex about 9 p.m. Thursday. Akers said the men told police they had been given permission to search the dumpster.
Akers said a shirtless Schwartz waived a 38-inch "ninja-type" sword with a 28-inch blade at the men and accused them of being thieves. Police said Schwartz also threatened to kill the men.
After they ran away, Schwartz stabbed the dashboard of their 1987 Chevy pickup truck, police said.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Darth Vader Tai Chi Sword Form

Star Wars Tai Chi from John Leo on Vimeo.

I saw this on

Westerners are Wierd

So I saw this interesting article linked off of about how Westerners are actually the weird ones compared to the rest of the world in terms of psychology and even game theory outcomes.

Check out excerpts here:

Moreover, WEIRD people do not simply react to the world differently, according to the paper, they perceive it differently to begin with. Take the well-known Muller-Lyer optical illusion, which uses arrows to trick the viewer into thinking one line is longer than another, even if both are the same length. (See the diagram on this page.)
"No matter how many times you measure those lines, you can't cause yourself to see them as the same length," Dr. Henrich says. At least that's true for a Westerner. For some hunter-gatherers, the Muller-Lyer lines do not cause an illusion. "You do this with foragers in the Kalahari [Desert] and they just see the lines as the same length."

The only example that sticks out to me is the optical illusion one....  the rest are kind of meh... either way interesting read....   

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My home town - Rap Videos and Kung Fu

Check out this site that my friend kyle found.... The Rap Map.

Here is an entry about my hometown ... Fayetteville NC
J. Cole and other locals refer to their hometown of Fayetteville, NC as “Fayetnam” because like ‘Nam, it’s a warzone where you’re likely to get killed — among the Top 25 Most Dangerous Cities in America
OR — maybe it’s because there’s one Vietnamese restaurant in Fayetteville, called “Vietnamese Restaurant”, that gets a 3.5 Star Yelp rating! Not bad! (according to Irwin L. from Newport News, VA, “it is actually managed by Koreans but they are nice”)
J Cole's video shot in Fayetteville.... I looked up the location in downtown Fayetteville where they shot this (worth st.) and its about 2500 feet from where I used to study Wing Chun Kung Fu (we studied in a warehouse straight out of a movie.... well in this case straight out of a rap video)

By the way... apparently this was one shot with real explosions according to J-Cole

Behind the Scenes

Worth Street Fayetteville NC

View Larger Map

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Epic Airline Attendant Dude

So with all the news on the Epic Airline Dude (Steve Slater).... I had this conversation with one of my buddies Matt G.  We were talking about how he might be up for two felonies... and Matt was like you know if he just punched the customer in the face he'd only get 1 felony... then I was like actually I think its just a Misdemeanor assault if you punch someone (not a law enforcement officier) in the face (without a weapon)....   thus theoretically... he would have been in LESS trouble if he flipped out and punched the customer in the face..... (assuming a punch in the face sans weapon and not on a law enforcement officer is considered a Misdemeanor)

VOTE! for Me and Tim G's T-Shirt Design on woot

Create an account, vote for our T-Shirt!, and maybe buy some other sweet T-Shirts =p

Here is Me and Tim's (I don't like proper order of subjects) Entry


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Did I just see Anderson Silva (try) do the Steven Seagal parry?

So during the fight Sonnen (white trunks) threw a quick straight left while closing the gap towards Silva (black trunks).  The punch slipped through anderson's hands... but normally he does a bob/weave/duck to counter straight rear hands.... he does it a few times early in the match... ducking straight punches and weaving off.....   The interesting thing is... this looks unusually familiar to the move steven seagal was teaching him in the video below....  i think its a rear hand parry into chop.... I think the fight talk guys may have been right about Anderson trying something crazy (he also landed a perfect spinning back kick to sonnen's gut... (sonnen said he got kicked really hard and it hurt and that he had never been kicked like that before) .... anyhow even if it's ann accident the two pictures side by side are funny.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Honda Jazz Commercials


Rap... I'd rather be in the Rap Jazz

Ninja... ok maybe the Ninja Jazz or the Rap Jazz....

Friday, July 30, 2010

Canon Rebel T2i - Audio Hack (Disable AGC)

So a big annoyance to 7D and T2i owners is when there is no audio, the automatic gain control kicks in and raises the noise floor.  This dude in the video figured out that you can just feed a pure tone into the left or right channel and this will effectively keep the Automatic Gain Control from kicking in.....  This is super hilarious because almost every argument for 5d mark ii (other than the full frame/better low light etc) is this 'manual audio control' ability.  So $3000 for a 5d mark ii, $1500 for a 7D, and then $900 for a T2i.... since the T2i and the 7D apparently have almost the same Sensor.... (all the reviews i have seen seem to show that 7D video is effectively the same as the T2i video) it's interesting to note that you can get rid of the annoyances that the 'manual audio control' gets you... with this simple hack....
thumbs up to the guy who made this video.... clever observation and experimentation...

So I read on a post somewhere else that someone said this wouldn't work because the T2i only records mono.... well apparently it records mono if you use the built in mic... but when I plugged in an external input... it totally recorded left and right channels separately....  here is a shot of the audio off the T2i from final cut..

So the next question is to find out if there if I can find my ipod mini that I lost somewhere in my car to use as a tone generator.... alternatively if you got the levels right... you could use a 555 timer with the appropriate output voltage range...  but honestly.... his ipod shuffle solution is probably the least ghetto and most elegant.

T2i + iPod shuffle 1G (cheap but small version) + Prime value EF 50mm f/1.8 lens FTW


Here is a dude with a nice example of actually showing the 'disable' in real time.. pretty cool

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


You have to watch this epic video playlist... ALL THE OLD SPICE RESPONSE VIDEOS

Also here is a great video remix...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Anderson Silva as Michael Jackson

SUPER GHETTO DIY giant beauty dish

There are alot of DIY beauty dishes on the interwebs.... this is perhaps the cheapest.
I give you khappucino's SUPER POOR MAN's Beauty Dish Mod

Step 1. reflective umbrella (i'm poor and all i have is a shoot through but you get the idea)
Step 2. paper plates mounted on umbrella shaft behind the flash head to remove center hot spot
Step 3. step back and look at the majesty. 

Reflective Umbrella = Efficient yet you get a hotspot
Add plate... and you have a reflective umbrella with the hotspot blocked out....

Now you have something that at resembles a gigantic beauty dish...  (2 cent hot spot remover)

Dolphin Escape

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Totally Sweet Cold Steel SPARTAN Kopis knife

THIS IS MADNESSS!!! NO... This is Cold Steel!!!!  Great Anti Zombie / Anti Pirate knife =p

Monday, July 12, 2010

Kafka style - Rising Youtube Comet

So this girl Jenna just got ~1.5 Million views on youtube in just 2 days.... this has to be some sort of record....

LOL - Ichiro Attack

HAHA I saw this on

Saturday, July 10, 2010

OMG.... Oil Leak Might be on top of VOLCANO

I found this and and almost fell out of my chair...

Oil Leak may be on top of VOLCANO....


Mississippi Canyon Block 252 in the Gulf of Mexico is a deep core monster. Seismic studies done (link has vanished since last week)  in 2003  showed huge pockets of methane gas under volcanic pressure; up to 100,000 psi. Pressures that high are beyond human technology and we have no way to control them. There is evidence to suggest that BP should never have been allowed to poke a hole in it. A 1997 MMS report explains the reasons in detail.
After reading the MMS report, it is obvious that BP knew the risks of tapping the Macondo field were huge. But the financial rewards were too tempting; the Macondo reservoir holds the second largest deposit of natural gas and oil on the planet. And there is scientific evidence to suggest (See video below)  that it is virtually bottomless, through deep channels to the largest reservoir in the world - near the Yucatan peninsula. To an oil company, Macondo is the black gold dream they would sell their souls for.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Photoshoot with Iphone

I found this video off of Pro fashion photographer does a photoshoot using hot lights and an iphone 3gs.... totally sweet.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Share Carwin: Classy Loss

Here is an interesting post fight chat with Carwin:

Check it out here.


“Brock was a good guy through this entire fight,” Carwin wrote. “He did not talk a bunch of smack and he fought like a warrior. He did what he needed to do to keep his belt, and that is what being a champion is all about. I am going to have to claw my way back to the top, but I wouldn't want it any other way. I know I belong with the very best; all I need to do is prove it again.”

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Why people get granted/denied Security Clearances

I saw this on and thought I'd share...
Check it out

Here are some EPIC examples:  (btw I don't recall having a family member involved in running a pornography website as a question on the EPSQ form...)

Applicant failed to advise his employer and the Government that his wife maintains two pornography websites, which include hardcore pornography. This decision places him in a position to be exploited, coerced or forced to provide classified information. He has not mitigated the government's security concerns. Clearance is denied.

Applicant is 35 years old and employed as a Program Manager and Consultant for a defense contractor. His history of excessive alcohol abuse to the point of intoxication continued off and on from February 2000 until at least December 2005, and resulted in three alcohol related arrests and related misconduct. Since then, the Applicant has significantly reduced his drinking and has had no further encounters with law enforcement. There is sufficient evidence of rehabilitation. Clearance is granted.

Applicant misused his former employer's company van and was involved in an accident while drunk in December 2007. He complied with all subsequent court and alcohol treatment requirements, and demonstrated rehabilitation and mitigation of resulting security concerns. Eligibility for access to classified information is granted.

Applicant is 34 years old and employed as an Administrative Assistant by a defense contractor. The Applicant's history of delinquent indebtedness, caused by a separation, divorce, and being a single mother, has been resolved by a good faith effort to resolve her indebtedness. Her deliberate attempt to conceal her financial indebtedness on her 2006 and 2007, security clearance applications has not been mitigated by sufficient evidence of reform and rehabilitation. Clearance is denied.

In 2007, Applicant wrongfully obtained an access badge, which allowed him access to the United States Embassy in Baghdad. He was also aware another person had obtained a similar access badge. Applicant has rebutted or mitigated the government's security concerns under personal conduct. Clearance is granted.

Applicant accumulated a significant amount of debt after he divorced in 2000 and lost personal property in Hurricane Katrina in 2005. To date, he failed to provide evidence that he has taken any steps to resolve or pay his debts, including a 2001 tax lien. He failed to mitigate the security concerns raised under the financial considerations guideline. Clearance is denied.

A former honor student and exemplary teen, Applicant moved from cigarettes to marijuana to other vices between his final high school years and college. He hit his nadir toward the end of college. He struggled to regain his faith and overcome his vices. On February 14, 2008, he quit using drugs. Since then, he has matured, regained his faith, become active in his church, involved in community outreach for troubled youth, mended relationships, excelled at work, and successfully built a strong network of mentors to help him maintain his current spiritual, personal, and professional course. Applicant mitigated drug involvement trustworthiness concerns. He has no intention of ever using drugs again. Eligibility for a trustworthiness determination granted.

Applicant accrued significant delinquent debt between 1998 and 2006 because his live-in girlfriend was forging his checks and running up his credit cards. She has a history of larcenous conduct and they have not been together for over three years. Applicant has paid or resolved all but two of the debts alleged and he is not likely to experience such circumstances in the future. Clearance is granted.

Tribute To Chicken Song

Man this is the best ever.... I love chicken!!!!!!!! I think people are crazy if they don't like chicken... this kid is awesome.

Below is the 'Complete Encyclopedia of Chickens' if you actually for some reason want to know more about chicken. All you ever wanted to know about chicken.

Friday, July 2, 2010

LOLZ - Reporter messes with Machida and Shogun

LOL!!! at 3:33 "Watch out I don't wanna hurt ya... I can take two of you guys... Wham! and Wham! LOL"

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dramatic Toilet Paper

A shot I took yesterday after a brilliant flash of inspiration.... "Codex of Infinite Knowledge"

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My new Photo Website

I haven't populated it completely yet but I will be migrating my stuff over from shutterfly to here.

Check it out..., the branding is way better on smugmug than on shutterfly.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Miss Ohio 2010

So my friend Audrey's (the techsocialite of cousin is now Miss Ohio 2010.
Small world.

Flaming Gulf Tornado/Hurricane?

So apparently there is oil raining down parts of the Gulf Coast... this made me think of the possibility of a flaming tornado/hurricane.... here is a pic from IGN's review of the game Disaster Report 3.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sweet Faux Film Trailer: Lovecraft's Mountains of Madness

Babies, Dogs, and Weddings: The keys to Internet Win

Here is an excerpt:

Basically I think that if you want internet win… the trifecta of puppies (or other animals, preferably cute), babies (dancing, singing, or dressed like Hitler), and weddings (wedding dances, songs, dresses… I mean there are entire shows dedicated to this stuff) is the way to go.  Specifically… if you can come up with something that would be of interest in one of these three topics… you may have some ‘solid content’ on your hands… the interest level is peaked for these 3 because people seem to be pretty determined when they are doing the information search for babies, puppies, and weddings….  So if you have a baby that can ride a puppy and hand out flowers down the aisle of a wedding ceremony on film… or you can write about how to do something like that… you might be the next internet phenom…

Monday, June 21, 2010