Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Physical Fitness Path to getting hired

My friend kyle sent me this interesting article about the differential cost of health insurance to employers and why putting positive things such as excellent health and that you run marathons might give you the edge you need on landing that next job.

Check out the article here, it is quite enlightening.

Now consider the 20 year old kid.  He costs me, the employer, $100 for health benefits (he pays the other half.)  But the obese woman costs me $900 - nine times as much!
The law in this case is outrageous.  What many call "discrimination" is in fact nothing more than a cold economic calculation.  If I am hiring someone to do a job that pays $20/hour, that is, $40,000 in gross wages for 2,000 man-hours of work annually, a "hidden" embedded cost differential in hiring of $9,600 ($800/mo in embedded health insurance cost!) is a 25% increase in the cost of employing one person .vs. the other.  To make it "unlawful" for employers to consider legitimate costs that one employee imposes .vs. another is ridiculous - but it is, in fact, the law.

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