Monday, May 17, 2010

Cold Steel Knive Videos: Awesome Business

Ok so when I was down in DC my friend Claude was showing me this DVD he got with a Cold Steel Catalog. Cold Steel makes high quality knives, swords, and weapons that appear to be designed to actually cut/stab stuff.  The big thing is the videos they made to show 'Absolute Proof' of their cutting prowess 'totally rock'.   What is great is the sheer enthusiasm and awesome that these guys have.

The president of the company and various divisions are the guys who are cutting pigs in half, attacking suits of armor, car hoods, bamboo, and all types of other stuff.....

The reason these videos rock so hard is because for one, these guys look like they are having a ridiculously awesome time.  Add in the background set that looks like they shot it at Midieval Times, and some heavy metal... and you have a winner... I'm not going to lie... after watching these videos I kind of want to buy one of these things...

By the way... these videos make me think that they are preparing for the forthcoming Zombie Apocalypse...... these products look like they are ready for Serious Zombie Killing Business.

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