Monday, May 17, 2010

Tim Vs. Wild:Update

Ok my peeps. so my good friend Tim Dailey quit his job a few months ago and decided to go all Jack Kerouac / Thoreau into the wild.  Well basically he decided to sell all his stuff and travel across America in search of fun and shenanigans.  Check out his website here .  Here are some interesting excerpts from his travels.

-Bar 2 to Banta shut-in.  The shut in was kind of neat as it was performed by volcanic activity. I found an old man on the trail that supposedly was not supposed to be there.  A couple of days later the rangers were asking me about him.  I didn't hear anything about more about him, although his Jeep was still on the trail when I exited.  I wonder if he died?
5-1 Tejas to Dog Canyon.  Dog canyon was very pretty and had lots of birds.  Coyotes sang me to sleep.
5-16 Holy shit it's about 2am, and something woke me up... i hear a rustling of leaves somewhere off in the distance.... it's cold outside... the night air forms little puffs of smoke that you can see.... it's all quiet... i decide to take a look out side... holy shit it's bigfoot.... (ok this particular 5-16 is not actually an excerpt from timvswild but i'm hoping he gets to see the loch ness monster or something....)

good luck tim

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