Thursday, June 17, 2010

Carvaggio - The Original Photoshopper

So to most photographers... the most important piece of photography beyond the subject itself is light and shadow.... today's photography owes a debt to the old masters...

in fact many photographers regularly discuss studying the great masters such as Rembrandt, Vemeer, and Carvaggio for some inspiration on the use of light and shadow.....

well here is the funny part... there is a theory that Carvaggio was the first photoshopper.... using technology + painting to render beautiful and dramatic works .. check this story out...  The technology in question is a version of the Camera Obscura that Da Vinci is known to be familiar with.  The theory is that he used a camera obscura to project his subjects onto the canvas (while the canvas is covered in photosensitive material) thus perhaps painting over a photo.... (which is ironic because some of my friends made fun of me for my idea to oil paint over photo's printed on canvas.... ha ha guys... the old masters did the same thing.....)  Anyhow I think if this is true that it's even more epic because he decided to be smart and use technology where it made sense.

Here is another link to the discussion of Carvaggio who is celebrated for his mastery of light and shadow in painting.

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