Friday, July 30, 2010

Canon Rebel T2i - Audio Hack (Disable AGC)

So a big annoyance to 7D and T2i owners is when there is no audio, the automatic gain control kicks in and raises the noise floor.  This dude in the video figured out that you can just feed a pure tone into the left or right channel and this will effectively keep the Automatic Gain Control from kicking in.....  This is super hilarious because almost every argument for 5d mark ii (other than the full frame/better low light etc) is this 'manual audio control' ability.  So $3000 for a 5d mark ii, $1500 for a 7D, and then $900 for a T2i.... since the T2i and the 7D apparently have almost the same Sensor.... (all the reviews i have seen seem to show that 7D video is effectively the same as the T2i video) it's interesting to note that you can get rid of the annoyances that the 'manual audio control' gets you... with this simple hack....
thumbs up to the guy who made this video.... clever observation and experimentation...

So I read on a post somewhere else that someone said this wouldn't work because the T2i only records mono.... well apparently it records mono if you use the built in mic... but when I plugged in an external input... it totally recorded left and right channels separately....  here is a shot of the audio off the T2i from final cut..

So the next question is to find out if there if I can find my ipod mini that I lost somewhere in my car to use as a tone generator.... alternatively if you got the levels right... you could use a 555 timer with the appropriate output voltage range...  but honestly.... his ipod shuffle solution is probably the least ghetto and most elegant.

T2i + iPod shuffle 1G (cheap but small version) + Prime value EF 50mm f/1.8 lens FTW


Here is a dude with a nice example of actually showing the 'disable' in real time.. pretty cool

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