Thursday, July 15, 2010

SUPER GHETTO DIY giant beauty dish

There are alot of DIY beauty dishes on the interwebs.... this is perhaps the cheapest.
I give you khappucino's SUPER POOR MAN's Beauty Dish Mod

Step 1. reflective umbrella (i'm poor and all i have is a shoot through but you get the idea)
Step 2. paper plates mounted on umbrella shaft behind the flash head to remove center hot spot
Step 3. step back and look at the majesty. 

Reflective Umbrella = Efficient yet you get a hotspot
Add plate... and you have a reflective umbrella with the hotspot blocked out....

Now you have something that at resembles a gigantic beauty dish...  (2 cent hot spot remover)

1 comment:

Johannes Krauser II said...

this is really something :))
thanks a lot, finally I get the idea of the point of putting stuff in the middle of the curve :))