Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lomography Strobist - Hi-Tech meet Lo-Tech

So I was in urban outfitters the other day and I was reading the description of their retro cameras, specifically the HOLGA and I was cracking up when I read the text about 'free yourself from things like control and accuracy!'.  They are replicas of cameras that for all intensive purposes are basically the exact opposite of what you normally look for in a camera.  Those being things like repeatability of pictures and control.   Well after that I was interested in recreating some of the expired film, random oversaturation of colors etc that you can get from toy-ghetto lomography cameras...   I guess I can see the draw to some uncertainty these days.... everything is so commoditized at this point... also it's a nice excuse for hoping you get lucky with a shot because the camera did something you totally didn't mean to.  But at the end... I guess not having complete control is FUN.  Anyhow flash forward and i got one of these Lomography Diana's from urban outfitters and I decided to stick my Cybersync radio flash transmitter on it. Once I get ahold of the INSTANT BACK (this effectively bolts onto the back of the camera and turns it into a polariod (insta-picture generator)), I can do some controlled studio lighting + random character of the lo-tech plastic camera... a compromise of fun and contol if you will.... (throwing in some Polaroid action into the mix as well).    I will say as a kid there was something magic about Polaroid instant cameras... sometimes lo-tech and immediate is just what you've been looking for.  Is this replacing my Canon rig? Hell no... but I think i'll be toting this around with me when I go to places I don't want to have to worry about breaking it and want immediate tangible results (instant prints)

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