Saturday, November 19, 2011

My friend Erica Gomez dropping mad epic paleo knowledge

My buddy Erica dropping some mad knowledge bombs on people.
here is an article on (one of the leading paleo diet dudes) about a guy named Sean
who got some mad knowledge dropped on him by my friend Erica G.


I’d known Erica since high school–she’s always been slim and athletic, and also happens to be one of the smartest people I know. She had recently started CrossFit and running marathons, both of which intrigued me as “good” paths toward “great” health (I would learn later this was naive, but more on that later). When we got to the discussion of diet, she told me that her diet was entirely grain-free. No bread. No pasta. She lived off the fat of the land, literally, to run marathons. I distinctly remember thinking that my friend of over fifteen years may have developed a severe mental condition. Maybe it was something in Seattle’s water supply. I felt increasingly nervous about her mental state when she told me of her plan next year to hunt and kill a wild pig, store it in an industrial meat locker in her “home office” and then cook the captured beast, hooves and all.

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